Thursday, 17 February 2011

Tomorrow's Guardian Review

Experiencing episodes of déjà-vu, eleven year old Tom believes he is going mad. Then, he meets the adventurer Septimus Mason, who shows him that he is a "Walker" - someone who can transport himself to other times. Septimus explains that these abilities can be removed leaving him, once more, an ordinary schoolboy. Given the hurt these talents have caused, the choice would seem easy enough, but it is not so simple. In dreams, Tom has experienced life as other "Walkers" in times of mortal danger: Edward Dyson killed at the Battle of Isandlwana, 1879; Mary Brown who perished in the Great Fire of London, 1666; and finally Charlie Hawker, a sailor who was drowned on a U-boat in 1943.Agreeing to rescue them, Tom has three dangerous adventures before returning to the present day. Tom's finds he has drawn the attention of individuals who seek to bend history to their will. Soon Tom's family are obliterated from existence and Tom must make a choice between saving them and saving his entire world.


In the beginning of Tomorrow’s guardian we are introduced to the protagonist Tom who seems normal but then unwittingly travels through time at random points in his life. Fans of Doctor Who and other Sci-fans will enjoy it as well as fans of YA.

What I enjoyed about Tomorrow’s guardian was that Tom went back to all kinds of ages and places that most books don’t, Like the Zulus and the great fire of London. It’s nice to explore the history in our own world and not travel to other worlds. And Richard Denning’s prose really eases the story forward.

The cast of characters very different from usual books, as there’s quite an age gap between them… literally, which is a good thing because its not like most books you’ve read.   

I recommend this book to people who are looking for an action packed historical thrill ride. The book appeals to anyone, It’s more for younger YA like Tweens and even younger than that, but I can see people of all ages enjoying it. 

Thanks to Richard Denning for sending me the book  = )